14 Pastel hair colours that are just too pretty!


So I'm going to confess here, I am in love with pastel hair! Of course, there are some side effects that come with bleaching all your hair, but I foolishly feel it worth it, just to look like a fairy for a while! I have however never died my hair at all, but in the coming summer I feel it's time to take the leap and do a simple lilac dip-dye. But for now, my candyfloss dreams will stay dreams in the form of a blog post! Here are 14 pictures of pastel hair I find beautiful!
WOw I wish I could!!! dried rose hair colour; don't know if I could ever do this but it's beautiful:
Why not start off with a good old candyfloss...

Pastel pink ombre balayage hairstyle for dark hair color,trend of 2015 summer:
This is perfection! How the purple kinda blends with the natural hair colour making it look natural. (Or as natural as purple hair can be!)

My dream...to pick a funky color and wear my inner rainbow on the outside for all to see...:
This definitely reminds me of Tangled! 

Women Are Dyeing Their Hair Amazing Colors For The Pastel Hair Trend (Photos):
Enough with the purple! This is gorgeous...

Shades of purple. I've never really been into hair colors like this, but if I ever were to do something like this to my hair, it'd probably be this. :):
OK, maybe just a bit more purple!

Icey blonde!!!:
Cinderella Blue...

Rose gold #Regrann from @rubydevine - RAVISHING ROSE: got to take the typically lavender locks of @brandiholtby to this funky take of her beautiful baby girl's strawberry locks. Still within the permitted of keeping her fun, I used #goldwell colorance 1:
Rose Gold has to be one of the biggest fashion trends of 2015, I don't care if I'm a year out, Rose Gold will forever be a stunning hair colour!

This hair is really awesome :):
Mint Tint...

@fatcat2564 This is pretty much a perfect example of what I'd like. <3 <3:
Peach Perfection....

Really wishing I could pull off this colour as it looks so cool yet edgy. Considering about cutting my hair to this length but again, maybe not...:
Grey doesn't exactly count as a pastel colour, but it's too pretty to neglect!

20 Hottest Hair Color Trends for Women in 2016 | Pouted Online Magazine – Latest Design Trends, Creative Decorating Ideas, Stylish Interior Designs & Gift Ideas:
Good old Cara looking phenomenal as usual! 

Less pastel, yet nevertheless gorgeous....
Pink and curly is always awesome... for those of you with lighter hair, you can use hair chalk as a temporary alternative to dye.:
Raspberry Sorbet, this is totally on my hair colour bucket list!

And to finish it all off:
All the colours! (Well...nearly all!) Not sure I'd go for this myself! But makes me crave candyfloss either way!
Thanks for having a look at this! Please comment any questions, opinions or suggestions! I hope this might have inspired you to go pastel, it certainly inspired me!
See ya next time...

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