Glitz and Gold nails: Barry M review


Hi Guys!
Just a quick post today, I did some cute nails today that I wanted to share! The paint I used was the regular black from Barry M and also the gold glitter which I really love. The glitter, unlike many glitter paints, has a thick consistency and only needs one coat to get a full cover, no need to wait for it to dry and then reapply, which is so useful when you're on a tight schedule. The downsides of Barry M paints is that they do go gloopy over time, and certain colours, like my black paint, need more coats to get an even colour. However, Barry M is a great brand on a budget and I would recommend if you have the time to paint and dry.
Ps. sorry for the poor quality, I was using a bad camera for these photos.

Rainy XXX

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