What I'm Loving: Fashion 2016


Hiya Everyone!
So this is my first post, and it's just going to be a selection of fashion items I really love at the moment. I get most of my pictures from Pinterest, so some of them will will link you back to there, but I'll try to include shops and websites! Enjoy!

For that day out shopping with your bestie:
Overall dress from Topshop

possible dr martens luff nice price for your holiday gifts! http://uggboots-onlinestore.blogspot.com/  $82.99  real high quality for ugg boots here:
Green Dr Martens and Huf Plantlife socks
The best part about boarding school in Switzerland is its proximity to Art Basel.:
From www.bloglovin.com . A really lovely city break feel.

With a Denim Jacket Draped Over Your Shoulders:
There isn't really a link for this one, but suede skirts are so popular right now I doubt you'll have any trouble finding one!!

This is a nice, simple hat design, which would go well with a lot of other garments. It looks relatively easy to make compared to other hat designs, and the thin band is nice and effective. It is a little bit on the floppy side, as I wouldn't want a hat that flops too close to my eyes. The thin little bow is an interesting touch, as most hats like these have wider bands.:
Adorable Cloche Hat from eBay. It's very cheap, but I'm sure you can find a more upmarket version.
i just wanted to say that if you don't support gay marriage, it doesn't equal to hate. if i ever come across a member of the lgbt+ community, i'll treat them in the same way i'd treat any other person.:
Some lovely rustic Ray-Bans. $150.00, but you can get the same sort of rounded style from multiple other company's.
I love: these, these and these.

Dr Martens Classic 939 Ben 6 Eye Hiker Boots $159.20 http://www.theiconic.com.au/Classics-939-Ben-6-Eye-Hiker-Boots-138136.html:
Are you sensing a trend?? More Dr Martens Hiking boots from Asos.

That concludes my Fashion frenzy! If you liked what you saw, have any questions or suggestions then please comment!

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