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Hi Everyone!
Spring is finally here, although where I am it may not feel like it, there's no time like the present to get into the springtime mood! One of my favorite trends is Boho Chic, whether it's part of interior design, makeup or fashion, it definitely makes me think of warm breezy afternoons. So this post is a collection of really gorgeous Boho clothes, accessories and more!
Enjoy! xoxo

This Romper is so cute. Lace up fronts are really popular right now, and the simple blue trim just adds a laid back beachy vibe.
Spell Designs Bridal Canyon Moon Mesh Gown
This dress is super expensive at $750, but stunning nevertheless, and there are many similar and cheaper dresses out there. 

Macrame Tassel Fringe Top
This Macrame fringe top  from Forever 21 combines my 2 favorite parts of Boho, crotchet and fringe. Stunning! 

This dress
This would be such a lovely prom dress in a got country, or just a perfect outfit for the beach!
Halter Dress

The tops
These tops are gorgeous, from Urban Outfitters, one of my favorite high-street stores!
This pendant headband from Forever 21 for $5.90 is so pretty, It;s really cheap but would completely tie up any Boho look, it;s a statement piece of jewelry that any aspiring Bohemian should get their hands on. 
The skirt in paticular
This skirt is stunning, I haven't found out where we can get it yet but I'm trying! I've sent it to the hunt, so feel free to check out my page, I will update this if I ever find out!
Simple Black Gladiator Sandals
I found these sandals on The Hunt and fell in love, but was dismayed to see them at $109, from a shop that doesn't sell them anymore, but after a bit of scrolling I found an amazing tutorial here.
Tie-Dye Open-Shoulder Shift Dress
Forever 21 Open-shoulder tie dye dress. Simple Blue tie dye always gives that Boho feel. I'm actually tempted to just buy a plain white dress and have a go at dying it myself!

Lace Casual Dress
This dress is so lovely! If i had it or knew where to get it I would were it non stop! unfortunately after hours of searching I just couldn't seem to find it anywhere, however i did find something mildly similar for you guys.

So that's all guys, I hope this has inspired you to get boho this spring! And I hope you have a nice season. As always, leave a comment if you like what you see or have any suggestion!
Rainy XXX

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