Goodbye Winter


Hi everyone, 
It was yesterday morning when I looked outside at about 7, and couldn't see anything through the thick fog that blanketed just about everything. I thought it would be another chilly winter morning, my favorite. But by the time my commute was over to get to my rowing training, the sun made an appearance for the first time in ages. Don't get me wrong, summertime is lovely! But there are just some things in winter that the summer could never top...

Layering up
Sometimes it's just nice to shroud yourself in woolen clothes and brace the cold! Scarves, socks, coats, jackets, gloves and hats are all important additions to any layerer's wardrobe, and the great thing is, they don't have to match! (It's even better if they do...) There's something just so cliche yet cute about bundling up and taking a chilly stroll when no one else is about, even if your nose ends up a little frosty. (Nose warmers should be a thing by now!)

Snuggling down
You want me to be productive? Hold up, it's in the minuses outside, the heating's up in here, there's a blanket, a TV box set and a cup of steaming tea. I'd rather not... Wintry weather calls for cosy calm, a bit of me time. So be proud, raise your hot chocolate and fluffy slippers, seize your chance and charge to your bed where you can snooze all day!

Umm... Christmas
Need I say more?

Everyone accepts that Christmas will completely train-wreck that well-earned bikini body, so why not let everything go? Regardless of Christmas, the winter season dishes out plenty of amazing sweet treats, homely roasts and warm drinks.
so enjoy it while you can, by spring people will be out on jogs making you feel bad again.

How poetic winter is 
Honestly, walking around in my thick clothes with the biting cold and all that jazz, just makes me feel like a tragic heroine in a book I may have read! Although I might look like an undead weirdo, i definitely feel like an adventurer... 

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