Spring cleaning your life, organize it!


Hi everyone! So spring has been creeping up on us, and as I got thinking about spring cleaning, I suddenly realized I need to spring clean my LIFE. Extreme, yes, but true. My life, and mind are a complete mess of unorganized jumble, it's amazingly fun, but not so practical. I think of spring as the actual start of the year anyway, So I really thought about this, and came up with some tips to refresh your life this spring.

Its always good to clear out the old, to make way for the new. Getting rid of junk you're never going to use, or that could be stored elsewhere will lift a weight off your shoulders and give so much space for new possessions. There's no worse feeling than having no space. Sort your stuff into storage, charity and bin. There's no space for, 'oh, I can do something with that!' Let's be honest, no one ever does get round to those projects! It's also a great opportunity to revamp your wardrobe and swap your summer stuff to the front of your draws or wardrobe, and spot a gap in your collection! This also means clearing out old projects, jobs and activities, get it all done, or ditch it. If it's not essential and you haven't done it in a year, it's time to move on from that!

Set It Straight
What are you going to do now? Think of projects, big and small. Think of jobs you could get done. Think of main aims, write them down, list them, whatever! You just need goals, achievable goals, and then you can have a way more productive year, even if you do it by months, every month you have a goal, that way it's more current to your situation. But you must be passionate about them, or they might end up in the bin on your next life spring clean!

Fresh start
Now you have a blank canvas ready, create. Revamp everything, your style, your decor, your habits, your goals. People are always changing, so match your life to yourself and it will give you a sense of harmony. As I said, for me, spring is the real start of the year, and the reason new years resolutions usually flop is because, seriously, whose going to be healthy in the coldest, rainiest time of the year? Not me! But it's so much easier to fulfill them in a sunny, positive environment. 

Look for the simple things
Brilliant! You're a bit more organised, you have refreshed your vibe to what actually fits you, but one more thing. Something everyone should learn, me included, is to look for the little things. No matter how much you revamp your life, nothing will be perfect. You won't instantly have a Ferrari, or be a millionaire. But maybe you can wake up for the sunrise on a warm morning, thank the waiter with a bit more effort. Look for the things life gives you for free, and give it back just as generously.
That's all.
Rainy xxx

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